Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Try this.

Matt just sent me a link to this really cool interactive movie.

The Wilderness Downtown

I tried it, and it's pretty amazing. It prompts you to type in the address of the home where you grew up. If you're like me and didn't grow up in just one particular place, just be sure to put in an address that means something to you when it asks. I put in my grandma's address, and if you want to see what happened when I did that, here's the link:

Grandma's House in Mesa

The music by Arcade Fire is pretty cool, too.


pepper said...

Wow I love this!!

Whitney said... always make me laugh. Jake is a big fan of arcade fire btw ;-). I am so excited to hear about your Bikram yoga experience with your new gay friend...I have done it all of once in my life and that was only a short introductory hour of it...but it's fabulous. You sweat from everywhere on your body and who doesn't want to do that?