Monday, May 16, 2011


I finally found someone who threads! And who knew I'd find these people at the mall?! I was hanging out with Jill on Friday night when we decided to go to the mall in Mesa to get a treat and just walk around for a bit. We were heading for the food court when we passed by this place call the Brow Bar. Yes, the Brow Bar. I thought I was hallucinating. I made Jill turn around with me so we could take a closer look at this place. We walked over to the place, and I noticed that a girl was getting her eyebrows threaded by another girl that looked like she was about 16 years old. This girl, the one who looked like she was about 16, seemed like she knew what she was doing, plus she had really beautiful looking brows. We waited for her to finish threading before asking some questions, but I really had already decided to give it a try before she answered any of the questions we had. Jill thought I was crazy for jumping in the chair so soon, but it was only $10...and like I said, this threader girl had really pretty brows. Luckily, she did a great job, so I'll definitely be going back. The whole time I was in the chair, Jill kept on saying, "Oh my gosh, Monica, I wish you could see this! It looks so cool!"

And my obsession with eyebrows continues...

Monday, May 9, 2011

The ubiquitous camera phone: A not so in-depth study of my camera phone usage

Remember how I said I jacked up my camera on the camping trip a couple weeks ago? Well I've yet to fix/replace my camera which started me thinking about how much less worried I'd be about replacing my camera if only I had a super cool smart phone with the capability to take quality photos. It seems like everyone just uses their phone to take pictures now anyway. Man, I really want an iPhone more than ever. My roommate just got one and I'm jealous. All this useless thinking about my outdated phone led me to the rediscovery of several of my camera phone files I had long forgotten about. I haven't used the camera on my phone a lot, because the quality isn't very good at all, but every now and then I'd use it. Here are a bunch of old pics I found that made me laugh. I'm leaving for Utah and New York in about a week, so I better fix my camera before then...or get a new phone that takes better pictures before I take off, whichever happens first I guess.


Newborn Maya

Mom holding Maya on the day of her blessing

Jason and Melinda


San Antonio

Me, newly blonded.

Another blonde car pic. Haha!

Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork

Lex, post color throwing

Bread Rabbit!

Remember this one, Ben? Haha! I think this one was sent from Portland. Sweet sweater, Benny!


Rocky, before he had hair.

Rocky and Isaiah

Me, taken a few minutes ago. My phone has gots to go!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Redneck Golf and Rhinos

Who knew that I'd end up freezing my butt off while camping in Arizona? Not I. I used to love going up into the Uintas to camp during the summers when I lived in Utah. You were guaranteed freezing cold nights while up in the Uintas. I didn't imagine that I'd come across the same type of thing in Arizona. Good thing I have a decent sleeping bag, because I definitely needed it this past weekend. A bunch of us went up to the Mogollon Rim to camp. Our campsite was near Bear Canyon Lake up there, and it was beautiful. It was cold, too. It's a bit early to go camping up there, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. I'm really glad I was able to go up. I almost forgot how much I love camping, especially staying up late and sitting by the campfire. My camera decided to die about halfway through the trip so I wasn't able to get any footage of Karen at the lake catching her first fish! It's time for a new camera finally...I'll just add that item to my growing list of things I need to purchase, right underneath "new white iPhone" and "plane ticket to Hawaii." Here's the stuff I was able to capture with my camera before it went kaput.

Hanging out after breakfast on Saturday

Greg and Chad cleaning up after making breakfast burritos and chorizo for everyone. So good!

Karen and Dan playing catch

Starting up a round of redneck golf

Amy teaching me how to play redneck golf. I got pretty good after a little coaching. Amy's my visiting teacher and always has the best stories to tell. It was lots of fun having her around the campfire late at night.

View from the rim.

Here's some super compressed footage of a ride I took on Chad's quad. I had never been on one of these things before and had lots of fun. It felt like I was on a roller coaster. We rode it to the top of the rim to check out the view.