Monday, May 9, 2011

The ubiquitous camera phone: A not so in-depth study of my camera phone usage

Remember how I said I jacked up my camera on the camping trip a couple weeks ago? Well I've yet to fix/replace my camera which started me thinking about how much less worried I'd be about replacing my camera if only I had a super cool smart phone with the capability to take quality photos. It seems like everyone just uses their phone to take pictures now anyway. Man, I really want an iPhone more than ever. My roommate just got one and I'm jealous. All this useless thinking about my outdated phone led me to the rediscovery of several of my camera phone files I had long forgotten about. I haven't used the camera on my phone a lot, because the quality isn't very good at all, but every now and then I'd use it. Here are a bunch of old pics I found that made me laugh. I'm leaving for Utah and New York in about a week, so I better fix my camera before then...or get a new phone that takes better pictures before I take off, whichever happens first I guess.


Newborn Maya

Mom holding Maya on the day of her blessing

Jason and Melinda


San Antonio

Me, newly blonded.

Another blonde car pic. Haha!

Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork

Lex, post color throwing

Bread Rabbit!

Remember this one, Ben? Haha! I think this one was sent from Portland. Sweet sweater, Benny!


Rocky, before he had hair.

Rocky and Isaiah

Me, taken a few minutes ago. My phone has gots to go!


Melinda said...

Those are some random photos. Glad we made the cut though :0)have fun on your trips...wish we could go too.

Em Russ said...

girl, don't get an iphone. get an android phone. I LOVE my phone and use it to take pictures all the time. my camera is better than the iphone one... LOVE it. Plus, Johnny is smart and did "the research" and he thinks android phones are better! :)

Em Russ said...

p.s. except you look so cute in that last picture that I don't think it matters what phone you take the pics with!!

Monica said...

Oh my gosh, Em, I already got an iPhone! Haha! I got it a few weeks ago. Johnny will be so disappointed in me. I love it though!

Em Russ said...

I just won't tell him! What he doesn't know won't hurt him, right!! :)

Ben + Brittany Trujillo said...

ha ha nice pic. I still have that sweater too!