Monday, February 4, 2008

Bright Lights, Big City

Last Thursday I met Maria for lunch. While we sat across from each other, enjoying our egg salad and turkey cranberry sandwiches (Maria had the egg salad, I had the turkey with cran), Maria got the bright idea of inviting me to go along with her to Manhattan for the weekend. My little sister has this gnarly habit of taking off to Manhattan to hang out on the weekends, and I've never had the opportunity to tag along with her until now. So I said I'd go. The next morning I found myself on a plane to New York City. I love making last minute plans with my sisters. All of them are so spontaneous and willing to do whatever comes their way, very fun.

The hotel we stayed in is right in the middle of Times Square. This was my first time in New York, so being dropped off in Times Square right from the get go was a bit overwhelming. Lucky for me, Maria knows her way around the city really well, so I was able to relax, let her lead the way, and have lots of fun.

Here are a few seconds of us on the subway on our way to Little Italy...

And some more highlights from the trip...

Mmmmmm, Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity.

Central Park.

Obama rally outside our hotel.

Greenwich Village. Matt, that Turkish Delight shot is for you.

We went to see a few of Maria's friends that live in this awesome building in the Financial District. I loved going to the roof 'cause the view was so cool.

That construction site you see there is where the Twin Towers stood.

I had a great time in New York. Maria, thanks so much for letting your big sister tag along with you to the city. I liked Manhattan a lot more than I thought I would and can't wait to go back and explore some more.


Em Russ said...

how fun is that!! I'm totally jealous! You should make your next big city trip to Boston (though I doubt we're as fun as Maria and NY!) And... I just have to say, I LOVE your tribute to the Foo on the sidebar. I remember those days... good memories!! :) Love ya, girl!!

Unknown said...

Hey, Monica!
It sounds like you had an awesome time in NYC. I'm going there in April with the fam--Angers take Manhattan! (We're similar to the Muppets in more ways than I'd like to admit here.)
Anyway, let's get together soon.

pepper said...

What a great trip! I really miss New York.

Maria said...

Girl- thanks for posting the pictures. I always forget my camera. We will definitely have to hang out ini NYC again!!

Aleesha said...

I had no idea you guys were going to NYC until Sunday at the big Super Bowl Party, that only Me and Matt attended. I missed you guys. I'm glad you had fun. Next time you go I want to come.

katieo said...


My jealousy overfloweth.