Sunday, March 15, 2009

"What a Great Time to be Alive!!"

I was able to go up to New York and see Maria for part of Spring Break. I was up there for my birthday, so Maria helped me to celebrate my 29th NYC style. The trip was really a lot of fun. I miss hanging out with Maria. My favorite parts of the trip include but are not limited to the following: Walking in Central Park on Saturday in beautiful 70 degree weather, Watching Mary-Louise Parker in Hedda Gabler (a play by Henrik Ibsen), Eating at Cafe Habana. Here are a few pictures of my little sister in New York and the triple bday celebration we had when I got back home...Matt and Phil have their birthdays within a week of mine. Ruth prepared a tasty taco/fajita dinner and Leesh made us all a delicious chocolate birthday cake.

Maria in Central Park

Maria on the train after seeing Guys and Dolls

I turned 29, Matt turned 32, and Dad turned 59. Whoa.

Isaac and Luke

Miss Maya Ruth before the party...

And after the party...

Melanie and Aleesha

Baby Rocky...This boy's the size of an 18-monther but he's barely 9 months old. Mister Smiles.


And last but not least, here's a note my perfect Grandma Fern sent me for my to enlarge it...

In the words of Grandma, who is never wrong--it really is a great time to be alive!


Maria said...

I am so glad you were able to come and visit! I miss you.

The party looks great - wish I could have been there.

I love Grandma Fern.

Luke and Mel said...

Grandma Fern is so great!

Annie said...

What a fun trip! New York looks beautiful... I hope we can see it someday. It looks like your birthdays were a blast too. I love family birthday parties! Happy 29th!

Poopers AKA 2Ply said...

Drool... that cake looks sooo yummy! I hope you took full advantage and had at least two slices.

Pretty Central Park pictures! Looks like a lovely walk.

katieo said...

Giiiirrrl. I missed your birthday. :(

So sorry. but looks like it was TOTALLY ROCKIN.

Miss Mary said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It looks like you had a great time. Many wishes for a great new year ahead of you. :)