Saturday, November 10, 2007

5K...Gobbler Gallop Style

Last November Matt and I ran a 5K in Bountiful called The Gobbler Gallop...Yeah you heard me, The Gobbler Gallop. Since last year's race was pretty fun, we decided to sign up this year as well. The only bad thing about last year's race is that Matt and I allowed these two old geezers to beat us to the finish line! Can you believe that?! So this morning, we met up in Bountiful for the race. We were back...with a vengeance. Matt came prepared for victory. Check out these cool sneaks he ran in...

There's a sensor in these shoes that syncs up to his iPod while he runs. So while he's running, he can get updates through his iPod on how far he's run and at what pace. Pretty cool. You can read more about the shoe here.

By the way, while Matt isn't running, he likes to sport these -
Rating: Pretty Awesome.

Dad's choice of kicks while hanging out -

Rating: More Awesome.

Mom's preference -

Rating: Most Awesome.

Let's see, where was I? Oh yeah, The Gobbler Gallop! Okay, so we ran the race, and man was it treacherous. But we finished. And not only did we finish, but we beat those two old guys from last year! Success!

And Matt was racing on only a few hours of sleep since he didn't go to bed until like 3 in the morning due to work. Way to be Big Brother! Good race.

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katieo said...

I have the SAME boots as your mom! No joke. I wore them to church today!

Good job beating the Geezers!