Monday, November 5, 2007

People Get Ready

Yes, it's true, Urban Outfitters is coming to the Gateway.

Are you excited? Well if you're not, you should be. I don't consider myself a bigtime shopper, but I can't wait for this store to open.

I was at the Gateway with Maria this past weekend and took the two photos of the new storefront you see here. Right after I took this one of the sign in the window, a Gateway security dude came up to me and the following conversation ensued:

GATEWAY SECURITY DUDE: "What are 'ya doin'?"

ME: "Umm, I'm taking pictures."

GATEWAY SECURITY DUDE: "What are 'ya taking pictures of?"

ME: "Urban Outfitters."

GATEWAY SECURITY DUDE: "Do you know that taking pictures of this could be considered copyright infringment?"

ME: "Oh no, you don't understand, I'm only taking pictures of the storefront 'cause I'm a big fan of the store...I'm really excited that it's opening."

(Note: At this point I was thinking about telling him that I was also taking pictures in order to document the progress of the UO on my blog, so all my friends would be notified of the grand opening. But I had a sneaking suspicion that Gateway Security Dude wouldn't be savvy to the ins and outs of the blogosphere, so I decided to just keep that part to myself.)

GATEWAY SECURITY DUDE: "Oh, okay, no problem then."

After hearing my explanation and being satisfied with it, Gateway Security Dude proceeded to shamelessly flirt with Maria. So while Maria did her best to fend off the sad advances of Gateway Security Dude, I had a little more time to admire the new UO storefront. Have you ever been to this store? If not, you have to try it out...It has all sorts of cool stuff, like t-shirts that say things like "Brunettes Have More Fun," funky retro furniture, novelty books, employees with mohawks, vinyl records if you're into that sort of thing...The list goes on and on. And it's coming right in time for Christmas, perfect.

In other news, Maya and I were hanging out one day this past week, and I got some footage of her displaying one of her many talents. I was trying to get her to talk, but she wasn't interested in doing that. Check this out...It cracks me up every time.


Em Russ said...

Monica, you're hilarious and this post makes me laugh. I love your interaction with the security dude and that video is so cute. Hearing you laugh on the video makes me miss you!

Rhett said...

Copywrite infringement?? The guy is up a freakin tree. You can legally take pictures of anything in public. Hell.. you could take a picture of him and he can't do anything about it. Of course he is a security guy at the gateway...

Justin said...
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Justin said...

I agree, he's way up a freakin tree.

Ben + Brittany Trujillo said...

Hey I actually went to this store for the first time here in Portland just a week or two ago. And Yes I love it, I had never been before. They had a bunch of T-shirts and Hoodies that I loved. We have good taste!

katieo said...

Girl. like Emily, hearing you laugh made me miss you!!

(and yo. LOVE UO. fyi: My birthday is June 19)