Sunday, November 25, 2007

Movin' On Up

Well I'm not "movin' on up" in The Jeffersons sense of the phrase, but I'm moving up north a little ways. I'm real sad about having to leave downtown SLC. I love living downtown. Here's the view from outside my apartment.

If you know anything about SLC, you can tell that all I have to do is walk down the street to be right in the heart of the city. Being able to walk to any destination within the city is really great. And there's a Trax station right next door to the Temple if I don't feel like walking. There are so many good things about living downtown, but living up north won't be bad. I mean, the air quality up there is a lot better, and I'm excited for a bit of a change. My dad certainly is happy that I'll be leaving my apartment as he's always hated it. He has always thought the apartment to be a little too rundown and unsafe..."Ahhh, Dad, so my windows that haven't been replaced since 1929 have no screens in them, and the only thing separating me from that homeless dude peeking through my blinds are the awesome curtains I ordered from Urban Outfitters, big deal."

Oh SLC, how I'll miss you so...Don't worry, I'll be back to visit often.


Jason said...

So, now I'm curious how far north you are moving?

Monica said...

Well Jason, for that little piece of info you'll have to be sure to tune in for my next post. ;)

katieo said...

Oooo, I'm curious too.

and girl. I am needing a break. I gotta say I'm a little bummed, knowing you were right in the heart of SLC, I was going to invite myself up for dinner, move, maybe a know, just kick it.

But more north? Oh I just don't know.

Monica said...

Girl, don't be silly. Even though I'm movin' up to the north country doesn't mean that we can't kick it SLC style...especially when there are fohdees involved. Anytime, you just say the word. :)

katieo said...

Ok! I'll let you know!

I'm totally serious! I really do need a break girl...