Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kristen Wiig

Check out this video of Kristen Wiig impersonating Bjork. I think Kristen is the funniest person on Saturday Night Live right now. This impersonation of Bjork is hilarious...She also does a really great Suze Orman.


Maria said...

So funny..I think Kristen is the best at characters on that show right now. Amy is just straight up funny, but Kristen gets into the characters.

katieo said...

oh that was so funny.
"Do you think people are just trees made of skin?


joN. said...

when was that on? how did i miss that? it blows my mind that the iconoclasts show exists. have you ever seen it?

kristen is probably my favorite female on snl ever, but i actually strangely think that i prefer the winona ryder version of bjork on celebrity jeopardy.