Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Close to 30

I had a little break in between getting off work and the start of my night class this evening, so I had time to grab a bite to eat before class. I decided to go to the Hogi Yogi found in the Union building on campus. I ordered a chicken bowl with veggies from the dude behind the cash register and quickly found myself trapped in the following conversation whilst waiting for the arrival of my chicken bowl...

HOGI YOGI DUDE: "You go to school here?"

ME: "Yep."

HOGI YOGI DUDE: "So, uh, is this your second time coming to school or what?"

*Taking a couple seconds in an attempt to decipher what he meant*

ME: "What do you mean?"

HOGI YOGI DUDE: "Well, uh, do you already have a degree and so now you're coming back to school for another one?"

ME: "Oh. Yeah, I'm working on my masters."

HOGI YOGI DUDE: "Yeah, I knew it."

*confused look*

ME: "What?"

HOGI YOGI DUDE: "Well, you're really calm, and you're not dressed like everyone else...and you look like you're close to 30."

*awkward silence*

HOGI YOGI DUDE: "Yeah, I'm going into psychology, so I'm trained to notice stuff like that."

*chicken bowl appears from the back, and Dude hands it over*

ME: "Well, thanks for the chicken bowl, man."

What I really felt like saying was "thanks for nothing, Hogi Yogi Dude!" I proceeded to the opposite corner of the Union building in order to eat my chicken and rice (and veggies) in peace before having to take off to class. Yes, I AM "close to 30" but strangers like Hogi Yogi Dude are not supposed to be able to so easily detect this fact. I guess my days of flying under the "close to 30" radar are over. Oil of Olay, here I come. Ugh.


Poopers AKA 2Ply said...

What a weirdo. You don't look close to 30 at all! I'm not just being nice either, you really don't. I'd say you look maybe 25. I think this is like when a 5 year old is asked how old a grown up is and they have no concept. Hogi yogi dude must been fresh out of high school. I bet he thought he was hitting on you, and thought you'd be really impressed with how he was going into psychology.

Maria said...

Bwaahaaha! First of all, I love Hogi Yogi. Second of all, that guy is hilarous and an idiot.

Girl please, do I look 30? I only ask this because everyone has always thought I looked older than you. If I don't look 30 to you , than you have no problem. If I look 30 to you, please don't tell me..HA!

You are calm and don't dress like everyone..whaaa????

Monica said...

Tess, thanks. You're too kind.

Maria, no, you definitely don't look 30...so according to your logic (and you know I've always trusted in your logic and wisdom) I don't need to run for the Oil of Olay quite yet. :) And yeah, I don't know what he meant by saying I don't dress like everyone else. I'm totally hip to the threads all the kids at weber state are sporting! Sheesh.

Jackie Norris said...

What kind of psychology classes is he taking that trains him to notice peoples ages? I've never had a class like that...weirdo

And, uh, you don't even look near 30. He's cracked.

katieo said...

Girl please.
You don't look a day over 24. I think he was probably picking up on the fact that you probably weren't talking on a cell phone, twirling your hair, and saying, "like" every other word...

(ie mature. in a good way)

That's what I think anyway...

Lisa said...

Ditto to Katie's comment. What a strange bird, that hogi yogi dude. I am still sitting here trying to figure that one out. I just don't see how you look 30...hmmmm.

ps. love Spoon! You always have excellent music on your pick of the week.

Em Russ said...

Ahhh, Hogi Yogi takes me back to the days when we were barely 20... and I agree, I think the guy was trying to impress/pick up on you!!