Sunday, August 31, 2008


Mandy and I have had lots of fun catching a handful of free concerts put on at the Gallivan Center this summer. The last concert was Neko Case, so we were sure to go to that one. This summer's concert series was surprisingly good, bringing a lot of quality bands to the Gallivan. We got to see The Roots, De La Soul, Broken Social Scene, and then finally Neko Case. Nada Surf came too, but I missed that one, unfortunately. I can't wait to hear what they have in store for next summer.

Only SLC's finest gather together at the Gallivan. See for yourself...The first photo I took with my phone so it's really hard to see the fool who decided to jump into the stagnant water and take a swim in what turns into a fun-filled ice skating rink during winter. And no, those are not my hot pink heels. But yes, they resemble the gold pair I wore at last year's Halloween party.

Here I am with Mandy. Mandy's awesome, she's always so happy and laughs a lot, which I love. Kaila joined us for Neko Case. Look at her cute outfit! You'll never see Kaila without a cute outfit on.


Ben + Brittany Trujillo said...

Hey Mon, Ya I hit up the roots too but it was really crowded and smokey so we didn't stay long. And yes I can for sure remember the kind of peeps that were in attendance at the show. Utah's finnest no doubt.

joN. said...

hey, i saw neko and de la soul. wish i knew you were there!

Poopers AKA 2Ply said...

Oh man, if only you could've found those hot pink shoes for halloween. Not that the gold shoes weren't cool too though.

Maria said...

Remember how I wanted to come to Utah the week of Neko?? Yeah, that would have been awesome.